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The Coffee Club in Wynnum leads the way in recycling (yet again!)

The Coffee Club in Bay Terrace in Wynnum has a new piece of equipment –  they now have a special stand outside their main door where you can recycle your takeaway coffee cup.

The stand, part of the Simply Cups Australia program, makes sure that all parts of takeaway cups are used to create recycled products such as reusable cups, drink trays, outdoor furniture and even recycled road surfacing.

All this instead of the cups going to where they usually go, landfill. And the reason they usually go to landfill is that single use coffee cups cannot be recycled by traditional recycling facilities, as they have an internal plastic lining.

The other bit of good news is that you can recycle any takeaway coffee cups at The Coffee Club, even if you didn’t buy your coffee there!

The Coffee Club in Wynnum is a real pioneer of more sustainable practices in The Coffee Club franchise, in fact it was the first store in Australia to suggest the introduction of cardboard straws and was again the prime mover in introducing the Simply Cups program in the franchise.

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The Coffee Club in Wynnum is a Member of Brisbane Business.

This article first appeared on WynnumCentral.

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