Brisbane Business is a news website for Brisbane, focused on business.

But it’s a lot more than that.

It’s also a membership business group that does all the things that business groups do …and more. So, like many other business groups, Brisbane Business…

  • organises business (and other) events

  • regularly surveys Members for their opinions

  • lobbies all levels of government to listen to the voices and opinions of its Members and actively campaigns for change on behalf of its Members where this is needed

However, unlike other business groups, Brisbane Business gives Members one other major benefit …exposure on the Brisbane Business news site.

How does this work?

There is a classified ads section for member businesses though!

Unlike other news websites that rely almost entirely on advertising income, Brisbane Business functions primarily due to the support of its Members via their subscription/sponsorship fees. In exchange, Members receive all the benefits listed above (and listed in detail here) including ‘free publicity’…

  • a ‘namecheck’ listing on every page on the site, along with all other members, in alphabetical order

  • a listing on the member directory

  • a minimum of one article about their business per annum on the site;  the news article is written by our writers and – once approved by the member – published on the site and shared via social media and the Brisbane Business email update BBNEWS; this is not described as ‘sponsored content’, however for transparency all articles about members are identified as member content and acknowledged with the strapline ‘XYZ Co is a member of Brisbane Business’

Find out more here.

What is the focus of the Brisbane Business site?

Brisbane Business is unashamedly focused on small and mid-sized businesses, which we prefer to call ‘independent businesses’. Most ‘business news’ focuses on the big players and/or the startup world. Brisbane Business will cover some of these stories, however the focus will be on the engine room of Brisbane – the ‘SME’ or ‘Small to Medium Enterprise’. They – you! – are the bulk of our members and – as mentioned above – we aim to make your voice, concerns and achievements heard!

And an added benefit is that, in our experience, locals are generally very interested in reading about their local businesses.

A voice for the businesses of Brisbane

It has always struck us as strange that the city of Brisbane does not have a peak group representing businesses based in Brisbane. There are of course business groups for the state of Queensland and individual chambers of commerce for specific parts of Brisbane, just no overarching group for Brisbane itself. If you google ‘Brisbane Chamber of Commerce’, you’ll find there is one, however it’s located in Brisbane, California!

Brisbane Business is changing this.

If you’d like to find out more, or have any questions, send us an email at hello@brisbanebusiness.co, or if you’re ready to join, head over to our Become A Member page!

A bit of history

Brisbane Business is based on the success of hyperlocal news website WynnumCentral, supported by local businesses.

It launched in 2013 largely to help promote local businesses in the central retail area and to publicise local events designed to encourage people to come into Wynnum.

By maintaining a steady stream of local news since launch, it now has ~22K users visiting the site every year (in a suburb with a population of ~24K), over 3K subscribers to its popular ENEWS email update and 5K+ engaged followers on its social media.

Supporters of WynnumCentral are automatically members of Brisbane Business.