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Mount Gravatt fruit and veg operator goes above and beyond for customers during floods

During the recent floods the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea were inundated, leaving many local fruit and veg operators high and dry (pardon the pun). The disruption to supply last 48 hours, posing a problem to many operators including Mount Gravatt independent fruiterer Lenny Catalano at Spuds & Plums. When Lenny realised that there was going to be a disruption to supply, he went in to bat for his customers…

“We were lucky as we had quite a bit of stock on hand before the floods hit,” said Lenny. “We were able to manage the situation well, but it took a big effort to make this happen. I was on the road at 4am to try and source produce and fight the heavy traffic due to flooded streets, but I wanted to make sure my customers could get what they needed. With the supermarkets not having much produce at all, we ended up being very busy.”

Lenny reported that the Brisbane Markets and the wholesalers based there worked through the night to get everything up and running again as soon as possible…

“Brisbane Markets Limited should be commended for their efforts. In 24 hours, they were able to do so much to get the Markets up and running again! I take my hat off to everyone involved in this process,” said Lenny.

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