Queensland vaccine mandate to end

Thursday 14th April is the day

In a statement posted on the Queensland Government website today, the government has announced that the vaccine mandate will lift at 1am on Thursday 14th April.

Here is the statement in full…


Upcoming easing of restrictions – 14 April 2022

From 1am AEST Thursday 14 April 2022, the requirement to check-in and to be fully vaccinated in a range of venues and events will end.

Venues include pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants; theme parks, casinos and cinemas; weddings; showgrounds; and galleries, libraries, museums and stadiums.

Vaccination and check-in requirements will continue for anyone visiting or working in vulnerable settings (hospitals, disability accommodation services and residential aged care) as well as for workers in high risk settings including schools, childcare, prisons and airports.


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said that 90.5% of Queenslanders aged 12+ had received a minimum of two doses of a COVID vaccine.

“The restrictions we had in place did their job, keeping our community safe and encouraging vaccination,” she said. “It’s time to reunite Queensland. We were one of the first jurisdictions in the world to offer our people the chance to be vaccinated before our first wave arrived, and I have no doubt that this saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives.”

Chief Health Officer Dr John Gerrard said the evidence showed that Queensland had passed the worst of the pandemic, given there were only 4 patients with COVID on ventilators in the entire state with a population of five million. He said it was highly unlikely the restrictions would return.

The vaccine mandate came into force on Friday 17th December and when it lifts this month it will have been in place for nearly four months.

Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

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