Council announces economic relief measures for businesses, sports clubs and community groups

…including food truck fees

Brisbane City Council recently announced a raft of measures to support local businesses, clubs and community groups to the tune of $5M in the form of waived a number of fees, rents and charges. These measures will stay in place from 1st January to 31st March.

Here are the fees that will no longer be charged during this time…

Advertising sign permits
  • Annual renewable licence fee
  • Application fee
  • Assessment fee
  • Resubmission of application fee
  • Temporary sign – Generally inappropriate assessment fee
  • Temporary sign assessment fee
  • Transfer of licence fee
  • Generally inappropriate assessment fee
Amplified music venue
  • Licence renewal application
  • New application with / without plans
  • Variation of conditions of permit
Food trucks and standing street vehicles
  • Food Truck: Application fee
  • Food Truck: Design assessment fee
  • Food Truck: Occupancy fee
  • Standing Street Vehicle: Application fee
  • Standing Street Vehicle: Design requirement fee
  • Standing Street Vehicle: Occupancy fee
Footpath dining
  • Application fee
  • Design requirement fee
  • Occupancy fee
Entertainment venues and events
  • Entertainment events: Amendment fee
  • Entertainment events: Application fee
  • Entertainment events: Self-assessable application fee
  • Entertainment venues: Application fee
  • Entertainment venues: Design requirement fee
Food safety
  • Application fee
  • Design requirement fees – Major, Medium and Minor
  • Food safety program accreditation and amendment – Major, Medium and Minor
  • Food stall
Personal appearance services
  • Amendment (significant) fee
  • Licence renewal fee
  • New application with plans
  • New application without plans
  • Transfer fee
River access network pontoon mooring bookings
  • Venue Hire for pontoon moorings and bookings
  • Annual Outdoor Dining Consent fee for outdoor dining areas in the Queen St and Valley Malls
  • Permit to occupy fee
Commercial vehicles
  • Annual application fee
  • Annual permit fee
  • Annual replacement label fee
  • Short term application fee
  • Short term permit fee
  • Short term replacement label fee
Commercial driveway
  • Application fee
Permission to cross commercial kerb and channel
  • Application fee
Film in Brisbane
  • Fees and permits associated with filming in Brisbane
Business recycling fees
  • Fee relief on commercial recycling bins
Lifestyle and Community Services managed leases
  • Waiver of rent charges. Groups in Council owned sites, includes commercial lease rents and community organisation rents in Council community facilities
Community organisations: leases and licences
  • Waiver of rent charges and licence fees. Community organisations leasing Council sites
Commercial leases of Council buildings – retail and tourism
  • $400,000 set aside for commercial businesses leasing Council buildings based on need

See full information on this page.

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