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Brisbane EV charging company Tritium has a very big week in the US

It’s been a busy week for Brisbane-based electric vehicle charging company Tritium.

On the day after Australia Day Tritium rang the closing bell at NASDAQ in Times Square in New York to celebrate their listing on the NASDAQ a few weeks’ prior on 14th January, swiftly followed by the announcement of a new DC fast charger manufacturing facility to be built in Tennessee employing over 500 people.

To top it off Tritium CEO Jane Hunter joined President Joe Biden at the White House to announce the opening of the new facility, where President Biden outlined the country’s commitment to moving swiftly to electrify transport across the nation.

Tritium is a great Brisbane success story. Launched in 2001 by Dr David Finn, Paul Sernia and James Kennedy, the founders cut their teeth competing in the World Solar Challenge, developing a motor inverter for solar vehicles called the Gold Controller, which is still used by solar racing cars today. In 2012 the company developed the battery management system for the Deepsea Challenger submarine which descended to the bottom of the Mariana Trench with film director James Cameron on board, and the year after launched the world’s smallest footprint DC fast charger for electric vehicles.

Since then Tritium has expanded to the US and Europe and partnered with major car brands including Daimler, Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche.

Tritium recently reported that it had sold over 5,000 of its DC fast chargers around the world and that it had inked a deal with Shell to supply fast chargers for all its fuel stations globally (~46,000 of these).

With the International Energy Agency reporting global EV sales increasing by a factor of three in the last two years to 6.6 million sold in 2021 (or just under 9% of all global car sales), the need for more – and faster EV chargers – is set to grow.

Watch the announcement of the new facility by President Biden…

More information on Tritium here…

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